The 2 Year Old Room

This room is for children aged 24-35 months and there can be a maximum of 24 children in the room.

At this age, the children become much more active and exploratory and our large open plan room reflects this.

The room itself is split into three areas: A carpeted area for general play, a vinyl floor area for meal times and messy play and a separate area for resting and sleep times.

There is a story corner where the children can take five minutes away from all the excitement of the day to read a story or have a rest and a role-play area that has a theme changed every term i.e. vets/ market garden etc

The room has an air-filtration system and air-conditioning/heating system.

The 2 year olds have access to the outdoor garden at certain times of the day.

If you would like to book a walkaround visit, please contact us to arrange a time.