The Baby Room

Our baby room caters for up to 12 babies between the ages of 3 months and 23 months.

Our carefully arranged layout enables babies to confidently explore their surroundings whilst feeling safe and secure.

We provide a range of activities and equipment tailored to the needs of our youngest children whilst still encouraging them to develop and learn throughout their time here.

There is considerable focus on sensory activities within this room and our black and white areas help to reflect this.

We have a separate sleeping side room to provide a quieter area away from wandering toddlers!

The room has an air-filtration system and air-conditioning/heating system.

We have a nursing chair that the staff use when giving the babies their bottles or rocking them off to sleep. We strive to ensure that there is a 'home away from home' feel to this room.

If you would like to book a walkaround visit, please contact us to arrange a time.