The Pre-School Room

Our pre-school room can hold up to 36 children aged between the ages of 3 to 5 years.

In this room, the children are supported through their transition to school and are encouraged when showing an interest in basic reading and writing skills.

The room is segregated into different areas reflecting the areas of development ie maths, art and crafts, construction, technology, understanding the world and a book corner for the children to chill out and read a book. There is a large role-play area including a play kitchen/shop/dressing up rail and a travel agents/office/florists in this area for the children to use their imagination.

This room is equipped with a computer with child friendly interactive games to familiarize the children with up to date technology, preparing them for school.

Pre-School has free-flow to the large outdoor area/garden, giving the children access to various activities and equipment including a mud kitchen, water/sand play, bikes, balls and moveable obstacle course.

If you would like to book a walkaround visit, please contact us to arrange a time.